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Health Warranty

Here at Southern Magnolia Labradoodles, we believe that our Labradoodles should have a premium Health Warranty when it comes to our puppies. This premium Health Warranty includes a 2-year health warranty with the opportunity to add an additional year of warranty with the use of Life's Abundance dog products. We understand that the initial investment in a life long friend can be difficult, but that is why we offer the best of the best when it comes to out Health Warranty.


Extended 3-Year Health Guarantee

Southern Magnolia is partnered with Life's Abundance to offer one of a kind products for your new Labradoodle. Life's Abundance will ensure your Labradoodle is getting the best of the best when it comes to dog food, treats, and more. With Life's Abundance your products will be shipped straight to your front door with no hassle. When you purchase your Labradoodle's food from our website located below, we will give you an additional year on your Labradoodle's Health Guarantee.

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Life's Abundance offers the following products:




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