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Health Warranty

Here at Southern Magnolia Labradoodles, we believe that our Labradoodles should have a premium Health Warranty when it comes to our puppies. This premium Health Warranty includes a 2-year health warranty with the opportunity to add an additional year of warranty with the use of Life's Abundance dog products. We understand that the initial investment in a life long friend can be difficult, but that is why we offer the best of the best when it comes to out Health Warranty.


Extended 3-Year Health Guarantee

Southern Magnolia is partnered with Life's Abundance to offer one of a kind products for your new Labradoodle. Life's Abundance will ensure your Labradoodle is getting the best of the best when it comes to dog food, treats, and more. With Life's Abundance your products will be shipped straight to your front door with no hassle. When you purchase your Labradoodle's food from our website located below, we will give you an additional year on your Labradoodle's Health Guarantee.

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Life's Abundance offers the following products:




Take a moment to review our Health Warranty located in our Sales Contract.

Health Guarantee

1. Seller warrants the Labradoodle being adopted to be in good health at the time of sale.
2. Seller confirms that the Labradoodle has received all necessary, age-appropriate vaccinations and de-worming.
3. Seller confirms that the Labradoodle has been examined by the Seller’s licensed veterinarian and leaves the possession will a good bill of health.
4. Seller is responsible for all veterinarian costs up to 8 weeks of age of the Labradoodle.
5. Buyer will have the Labradoodle examined by a licensed veterinarian within 3 business days from taking possession.
6. Buyer will have 3 business days to request a refund and return of the Labradoodle if diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian as sick upon arrival or to be considered in poor health or be considered to have a health issue that will decrease quality or shortened life.
a. Seller has the right to a 2nd opinion from a licensed veterinarian at the expense of the Seller.
b. Seller not responsible for veterinarian expenses incurred by the Buyer.
c. Minor health aliments will not be considered as a cause for refund or return.
7. If Buyer does not meet the requirements stated above, then a return or refund of the Labradoodle will not be permitted.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

1. Seller offers a 2-year Health Warranty against any inherited, life threating diseases until the dog turns 24 months of age.
2. Seller will offer a 3-year Health Warranty against any inherited, life threating diseases until the dog turns 36 months of age with an additional agreement.
a. Additional agreement is not apart of this contract. Please contact Seller at the time of deposit to
gain additional information on 3-year Health Warranty.

3. Buyer agrees not to abandon the Labradoodle to an animal shelter, Humane Society, dog pound, pet mill, or pet store.
a. If Buyer is unable to care for or keep the Labradoodle, then Buyer will return the Labradoodle to the Seller with no refund.

4. The health warranty is only applicable to the Buyer stated above in this contract.
5. Buyer acknowledges that there is no promise (expressed or implied) that the Labradoodle will be non-shedding or non-allergic.
6. Buyer acknowledges that the Labradoodle’s size, color, coat appearance, or physical/behavioral traits are not predictable.
7. Should the Labradoodle be diagnosed with an inherited, life threating disease, Buyer must notify Seller immediately and send Seller official diagnosis & prognosis from a licensed veterinarian.
8. Health Warranty will be null and void if the licensed veterinarian suspects that an injury, poor health management, diet, and/or mistreatment of the Labradoodle has occurred.
9. Health Warranty will be terminated immediately if all terms & conditions in the above statements under Warranty Terms & Conditions are not met by the Buyer.
10. Seller reserves rights to second opinion at the Seller’s expense.

11. Should the Buyer meet all above requirements the Seller and the Labradoodle be diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian as having a life threatening, hereditary disease before the age of 24 months then the Seller must adhere to one of the following conditions.
a. Seller will reimburse the Buyer with 100% of the above purchase price of the Labradoodle.
b. Seller will replace the Labradoodle with an equivalent and comparable quality Labradoodle from the Seller’s next available litter.
i. Buyer to pay shipping/handling costs incurred for all replacements located outside of the state of Oklahoma.
ii. Buyer to pay Seller difference in the purchase price of the Labradoodle if the replacement Labradoodle is of higher value.